The BHT service has been invaluable for the parents, staff and children at Horton Grange Primary School. The skill and dedication of the team has ensured our children have the relevant developmental language to help them succeed in their next steps of learning. We are lucky enough to work with Chloe Storr (language development worker), who cannot do enough to help the staff become more confident in their knowledge and understanding of how language develops over time. The children absolutely love working with her both in and out of the classroom: 1:1 and in small groups. We look forward to continuing our partnership over the coming years to ensure the children of Bradford have the best opportunities possible.

Ms Jennie Matthews Assistant Head (Foundation Stage) Horton Grange Primary School

The most value of having (a Language Development Worker) in our setting is all the different ideas, tips and techniques. They also give focused activities for all the children in the room, not just the ones that need support with their Speech, Language and Communication needs.


Children that (the Language Development Worker) has worked with have moved up three or four stages, and are now entering nursery with a better level of Language Development.

We are very pleased with the work the speech and language service have been doing here at Princeville Primary school over the past few years. The key worker has provided support and advice on a weekly basis, bringing her own resources and always with a smile and enthusiasm. She keeps meticulous records of her work with the young children, giving them strategies to use to help them with their speech and language difficulties. When pupils need more assessment the Language Development Worker advises the SENCo to speak with Parents and Refer the child for further assessment and advice. The school staff and children have benefited greatly from the speech and language service you have provided. Thank you so much.