Language Development

According to Ofsted “Too many children are still entering school without the basic skills they need to be ready to learn.”

The Institute of Health Visiting has revealed that 72% of Health Visitors have reported an increase in children with delayed speech and communication development

Here at BHT Early Education and Training we understand that the Early Years are a crucial time for a child's Language Development. These skills are a vital foundation for their self-management, developing relationships with others and the ability to read and write, allowing them access to the school curriculum and thus reaching their full potential. To support this we have a number of excellent evidence based early intervention programmes and packages. These can be purchased privately by parents or carers to be delivered in the home. Alternatively Children’s Centres, Nurseries, Pre-schools, Primary/Nursery Schools and Academies can purchase BHT Early Education and Training's Language Development programmes or bespoke packages.

If you would like more information on what we can offer please contact us.

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