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Jacob's Story - SEN

Jacob started with us as a baby, and had a diagnosis of moderate hearing loss. He had hearing aids, but struggled wearing them. The practitioners in our baby room worked with Mum to encourage him to keep his hearing aids in. After leaving for a short period he came back to us as a 2 year old. At this point he didn’t like wearing his hearing aids and would often take them out and throw them away.

Jacob’s keyworker and I (SENco) attended a meeting with other professionals involved in his care: Health Visitor, Teacher for the Deaf, Language Development Worker and his mother. We discussed how best to support him, within the setting and at home, to wear his hearing aids all the time.

Mum had previously spoken to us about his balance and clumsiness, something which we had noticed at nursery. We discussed this and encouraged Mum to take him for an eye test. Mum took him for the eye test and was told his vision was slightly impaired and he would need to wear glasses. We arranged another meeting to discuss the best way to encourage him to wear both his hearing aids, and his glasses. We have worked on this plan for the last few months, he now wears them both most of the time and is beginning to talk using single words. We are now working with Mum and the other professionals to help him develop his speech, encouraging him to learn new words and use them when communicating.

We are also working with his school to ensure he has a smooth transition into education in September. We will be having meetings with the school’s SENco to discuss his progress and will be taking him on visits to support him, while he is getting used to his new environment. We have worked with Mum to create a consistent approach to support all his needs and are supporting Jacob to progress to his full potential.

Harvey's Story - SEN

Harvey’s learning journey at BHT Bierley started in August 2013 at just six months of age when he attended five full day sessions in the Bluebell Room. Harvey’s older sibling Lilly also attended so mum and dad were already familiar with the setting and staff. He quickly settled and mum said “Harvey was happy to separate at the start of his sessions but mum and dad were very anxious leaving him, and got lots of reassurance from the staff and regular uploads to Harvey’s Tapestry Learning Journal to allow them to see he was settled and enjoying his time spent at nursery”.

Harvey suffered from re occurring ear infections and was attending various appointments therefore impacting on his attendance, although on reflection within Harvey’s first year at BHT Bierley his developmental tracker showed a significant progression from the 0 to 11 months age band to the 16th to 26th months developmental stage due to the support and early intervention of the Early Years Practitioners, implementing planning and activities that supported Harvey’s needs at the time. This was alongside the work of the Language Development Team who visited Harvey on a weekly basis sharing strategies to enhance his language and support him in areas that needed development.

Harvey’s move into the Sunflowers Room in the spring of 2015 saw his developmental levels rise to 22 months to 36 months and the move to the Tulips Room in the summer of 2016 again showed a dramatic climb in his developmental levels, now within the 30 months to 50 months bracket.

Harvey currently attends our onsite Primary school nursery sessions and attends BHT Bierley every afternoon. Harvey’s latest My Learning Picture shows that he is now secure within the 30 month to 50 month bracket and is emerging into the 40 month to 60 month developmental levels.

Harvey will leave our setting in September this year to attend full time school, we will support Harvey and his family in the transition to school sharing our information with his Reception class teacher to ensure Harvey continues to progress towards his Early Learning goals.

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