Mohammed is an only child. He uses lots of babble and lots of non-verbal communication. Mum is very anxious and seeks reassurance and support.


After carrying out the 2 year assessment with Mohammed and his Mum I referred the family into our Talking Together (TT) programme and into Speech and Language Therapy (SALT).


The LDW has carried out the 6-week TT programme with both Mohammed and his parents. I then referred him in to our Additional Language Support (ALS). Mohammed struggled to communicate and would use lots of non-verbal communication to express his needs and interests. Mum and Dad would sometimes have to guess what he wanted or needed. When he became excited or frustrated, Mohammed would flap his arms and scream and sometimes run around the room. Mohammed attended a local nursery but Mum pulled him out as she became anxious as he struggled to settle. Mohammed missed his Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) appointment after some confusion around his dates/times. I spoke with their local Children’s Centre (CC) and suggested a Team Around the Child (TAC), as Mum became very anxious and was struggling with all the different advice offered. After attending the meeting, Mum felt more reassured. A few weeks later Mum contacted me saying she felt anxious and was struggling to cope, so I arranged to carry out the Additional Language Support. I then contacted the local CC again and referred them in for family support. Mum and Mohammed attended the SALT appointment and Mohammed was put on the complex needs SALT waiting list and had been referred to a paediatrician. I spoke to Mum about other agencies who could also support them and referred them to Portage and Pre 5’s Special Educational Needs team. On one of my visits Mohammed had begun to play with his own excrement and mum became very anxious and upset. She then said they had been discharged from SALT and the paediatrician. I asked if it was suitable to contact all the agencies involved. Mum was fine with this. When I contacted the health visitor (HV), they explained the family had been discharged from the paediatrician as it was in another city. When speaking to SALT, they explained they hadn’t been discharged, it was just a long waiting list. I then contacted Pre 5’s to arrange a joint visit to the family later in October as the family have gone to Pakistan for a few months.

Outcome(s) & Impact(s)

Mohammed has begun to use a few words in the correct context. He uses intonation when I sing nursery rhymes. He can match the animal sounds to the corresponding animals and attempts to make the sounds. Mohammed makes eye contact to gain attention and has begun to recognise familiar faces. Mum is getting support from other agencies and has begun to open-up to them.

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