I began Talking Together Sessions with Anisa on 7th September 2016. She had been referred by myself (Language Development Worker), during a 2 year language assessment. Mum was worried because Anisa was only saying single words.

During the first 3 sessions, Anisa played well with the LDW, but did not speak much. On week one she only said “come ere”. Week two she said “bye” and on week three she said “baby”. These words were voluntary, no imitated words were used. Mum showed the LDW a video of Anisa speaking to her stepdad. Anisa was speaking in sentences, some of the words were unintelligible but some key words in the sentences could be understood.

On week four Anisa imitated “appa” (apple) and used voluntary speech, i.e. “owange” “da da owange” “where nana” (banana), “mama” “dere” and “bye bye”.

Anisa said all these words when I was having a conversation with Mum. I felt that she became more confident to speak once pressure was taken off her. Mum also realised that Anisa spoke when she had less attention on her.

I spoke to the Heath Visitor, who has referred Anisa to Speech Therapy. The HV felt that she could be a selective mute. I also spoke to Anisa’s nursery about what I had observed so far, as they were also concerned about her speech and language, Anisa does not speak during her time at the nursery. Over the next two sessions I did not speak much to Anisa, just played alongside her. During the session Anisa said “wa you doing?”, “where is it?” and “dere you go”, all voluntarily. She also said more single words and some two word sentences. By week six, Anisa was using more voluntary three word sentences, her confidence had grown around me, and she was happy for me and her Mum to join in her play. Anisa enjoyed playing with the activities and has always used non-verbal communication towards me. She has good understanding and there are no concerns with her hearing.

On the 15th January 2017 I carried out Anisa’s review where she showed that she was beginning to use some four word sentences. These sentences were clear and understandable. Mum was pleased with her progress and so were nursery. Anisa was discharged.

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