Our Staff

BHT Early Education and Training's Trustees make up the accountable body of the organisation, they come from a variety of professional backgrounds and each member brings their own skills set, experience and expertise to the Board, this allows challenges and informed discussions and decision making to take place.

With over one hundred staff working for BHT Early Education and Training, and a small staff turnover, we like to ensure that we invest in all our staff. They are highly qualified and committed to their ongoing professional development, so that they can continue to be at the forefront of developing excellent practice.

Sonia Smith

The Chief Executive Officer has worked within this field since 1991, managing a number of voluntary sector organisations and mentoring and assessing post-graduate students for the University of Wolverhampton. She has a wide range of skills and holds a Degree (BSc) Hons and a post graduate Masters degree (MSc) in Management, alongside other qualifications relevant to the post. She oversees the Senior Leadership Team, who are all qualified to Degree level and who have many years of experience within their field of expertise.

At BHT Early Education and Training, we have a wide range of Early Years Staff, working within or across our four settings. All our Childcare and Early Education Managers and Deputies are qualified to Degree level, and some hold post graduate teaching qualifications, alongside the relevant early years qualification, and other qualifications and experience relevant to their post.

We are keen to invest in our staff team, with the majority of staff holding a Level Three qualification in early years and childcare, a small number of staff with a relevant Level Two qualification, who are working towards a Level Three, and some Trainee ships, who have just started on their career path and are working towards a Level Two.

The Language Development Manager holds a Degree, teaching qualification and Level Three Management qualification, whilst the Manager and Deputies also hold relevant Level Three Childcare and Early Education qualifications, alongside Makaton, Every Child a Talker (ECAT), ICAN, ELDP, ELKLAN and other relevant qualifications required to support children with Special Educational Needs, or with specific conditions. All of the Language Development Team are highly qualified and skilled in some or all of the above, in order to support children with speech, language and communication difficulties.

The Business Manager is qualified to Degree level and oversees the administration, catering and ancillary Staff, all of whom hold appropriate qualifications, training, skills and experience relevant to their roles.

All our Professional Development Trainers are highly qualified within their field, experienced and still practicing within their profession, whilst constantly updating their skills and knowledge, using research based evidence.

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